A little story from Jen…

I get it…you might be wondering, why Indigo Fox? It’s true that I don’t have a fancy name for my Columbia practice- it’s just me. Over the years, I’ve owned multiple businesses, and I still do. Years ago, when I owned Willow + Oak Wellness Center, I had a vision for a store within the center that would be called Indigo Fox. The name combined two things that were dear to me…foxes, which are my spirit animal, and indigo, which is the color of the third eye chakra- a chakra that is all about intution and receiving guidance from God/the heavens. The name seemed divinely given, and while it didn’t manifest in the way I originally thought it would, when it came time to open my practice in New Market, I remembered Indigo Fox, and felt called to bring it to life here in this new way.

It’s my dream and desire that everyone who walks through my doors is able to experience a deep, spiritual connection to their purpose and the beauty of being alive on this planet at this time. Yes, I can help you with your aches and pains, your stress, anxiety, depression and even weight loss. But if you want to stick around after your initial symptoms subside, that’s when things start getting good.

I’ve been doing this a long time…training for this moment to work with you. I was a behavioral neuroscientist for 15 years, so I know the science and the psychology. I’ve been practicing acupuncture and reiki for well over a decade, and teaching yoga since 2006. So believe me, I’ve got all the credentials and then some. What is most important is that you ask yourself if you’re ready for lasting change. Do you want to be guided to your next level? Are you willing to change things about yourself- your diet, lifestyle, thoughts, and practices- to achieve this?

If your inner (and outer!) self is screaming or even whispering “yes”…let’s work together. You’re ready.